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Alaya was started to help time slow down, and to build a kinder tea business -- one that’s kind to its people, to the nature it relies on, and to you, who drinks it.

In the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, Darjeeling, a community famous for producing the Champagne of tea, sits amidst the Himalayas. Here, time unravels more slowly. An iconic train makes its way up the mountains, over hours, to this old British outpost. As the fog lifts, women can be seen hugging the sloping tea estates each morning, plucking two leaves and a bud, or tea, by hand. Meanwhile, they sing. It's magical. 


Nearby, fields of chamomile flowers grace the valleys. Mint grows abundantly. These are the bounties of nature, cultivated by women, resulting in the highest quality teas and herbs. Women are the backbone of agriculture in so many of these communities, be it in Darjeeling, Assam, or Kerala. We are a brand that celebrates the beauty of these women in the tea growing regions of the world. 


Alaya is a women-owned and operated tea company with operations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. If you want to partner, learn more, or join us, drop us a line at info@alayatea.co